VinnieVincent Medical Group

Over 15 Years Of Experience In International Bulk Trade

Preferred Supplier From Governments In Many Countries Around The World
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    A company verified company by SGS group
  • Company status

    Company status

    Preferred supplier of multinational governments and listed companies
  • Productive forces

    Productive forces

    Factory covers over 20,000 square meters with 60+ Professional Technical staff
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    Professional, Instant And High-quality 24-7 service. Strong Global Freight Capacity

VinnieVincent Medical Group was first established in 2006 and consists of several subsidiaries. The total registered capital of several subsidiaries of the company group is nearly CNY 100 million (VinnieVincent (Chengdu) International Trade Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of CNY 10 million), involving many industrial fields such as copper alloy, medical treatment, black technology, cosmetics and so on.

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